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Your recovery needs to be about you. Whatever your reasons, whoever you are doing it for, whatever your motivation - the bottom line is always the same: it needs to be about you. 


That is why we make sure that your recovery is at the centre of everything we do. To ensure this happens, we will provide you with our world-renowned service, tailor our services to your needs and assist with your recovery in the comfort and familiarity of your own home, or an environment of your choosing, whether that be a holiday home, a hotel or some other place.

To achieve the best results and make long-lasting recovery possible, we focus on three crucial areas throughout your treatment: family support, bespoke treatments and aftercare.

Family Support

All too often, those closest to the addict don't receive enough information, education, advice or support on how best to handle someone newly in recovery. As such, those in the addicts support network can be left feeling traumatised by the destructive behaviours of the addict, leading to dysfunction within the family and amongst friends whereby everyone involved can suffer. That is why we focus on educating all those involved to ensure the addicted person has the best chance of a long-lasting recovery.

Bespoke Treatments

Each EDAS approach, treatment and recovery plan is unique to the addict, their environment and the support network they have around them. We choose a treatment team based on all of these factors, and then house them no more than 15-minutes away so that they are on-call and on-hand 24/7. We also tailor their treatment to accommodate their daily schedules, allowing our clients to stay with their loved ones, and even keep working. By doing this, we encourage healthy relationships to be rebuilt, family dynamics to improve, and connection, love and care to be generated to the benefit of all concerned.


Due to the nature of primary treatment providers (rehabs), aftercare is often neglected and clients are usually just sent back to where they came from - often with their loved ones being none the wiser on how to help and support the addict or themselves. By offering a bespoke at-home treatment service, we are able to focus as much on the aftercare as the primary recovery, while educating the clients family and friends on the best ways to encourage lasting recovery. 

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Recovering At Home

Our home-based and direct treatment services are not just revolutionary; they have been proven to work. This is because our EDAS specialists will be with you every step of your journey, from dependency to recovery and beyond. This allows our specialists to be on hand within minutes should you ever need extra support or have a ‘slip’ while in your early stages of recovery.

2. Because we make sure your home is the best place to recover.

Another reason our home-based recovery achieves such positive results is because we make sure your home is the best place to recover. This includes identifying the different triggers in your life, including the emotional, physical, social, environmental and spiritual triggers. Essentially, anything that could trip you up in your recovery - and we address them individually, providing you with new coping strategies that will empower you to lead a self-directed healthy life.

By using this revolutionary approach to recovering at home, we are able to make your recovery last; a result that we always aim for at Elite De-Addiction Services. Always.

EDAS has gained its reputation through being recommended to others by word of mouth rather than excessive advertising. This is to ensure privacy for our clientele; as well as all our EDAS recovery specialists.


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