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Relationship Therapy

Love and connection are the opposite of addiction. That is the foundation of our Relationship Therapy. We use our home-based treatments to provide our clients with care and support knowing this is the foundation of overcoming everything from addiction to neurodiversity, sex and intimacy to dating and relationships. 


At EDAS, we don't just focus on the a person's relationship within their addiction, but their relationship with their friends, family and those in their support network, all of which can become fractured for numerous reasons. For some people it stress and change related, and for others it is living with an addiction, an illness or a disability, all of which can impact the connection they feel to each other.


That is the focus of our relationship therapy services and the reason we have been able to provide long-term solutions in this field, supporting clients with bespoke strategies that will help them work through their difficulties. By focussing on the patterns within a relationship, especially those that have become limiting or blocked the genuine expression of love and intimacy, we have been able to rebuild relationships and provide the right help for couples in crisis. 

Through taking stock, taking responsibility and moving into a deeper understanding of the patterns and dynamics that a relationship is locked into, we are able to develop strategies that will interrupt the negative patterns and barriers you are experiencing until both the individual or people involved in a relationship are able to find clarity in their situation.

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