EDAS was established in '07 by David Stanton, a British senior psychotherapist known the world over for specialising in substance abuse and addiction treatment. 


David has been in recovery from addiction for over 25 years.


He has an international mental health private practice where he works with clients from all corners of the globe; both face to face and remotely.


David is also an international clinical supervisor of other health care professionals, an international mental health trainer and a consultant. He has helped establish (and managed) numerous non-profits, private, community and residential mental health services in Europe, Africa and Asia.


His goal is to continue helping people through his experiences, knowledge and research -- and he's dedicated to furthering mental health awareness through therapy and education, with a special interest in working with diverse cultures in various settings.



David Stanton isn't just a senior psychotherapist that specialises in substance abuse and addiction treatment. David was an addict himself -- and his addiction started very early on in life. 


At the age of 5, David started self medicating by drinking bottles of codeine cough syrup, age 12 he became addicted to cigarettes and from there his addiction got worse. David became addicted to marijuana at 13, amphetamine and alcohol at 15, cocaine at 17 and heroin in his early 20's, before his addiction lead to crack, which lasted almost 15 years. He also had codependent relationships throughout this time.


It was then that David spent 2 years in treatment before dedicating his life to the subject of addiction and, more importantly, recovery. Since then, David has been in recovery for 26 years. But getting to this point was anything but easy; having always worked as a 'functioning addict', it wasn't until he lost everything that he sought the help he needed.


As a result of this help, David has since worked in harm reduction, use/abuse recovery and addiction treatment for 40 years, setting up and managing treatment services in the UK, Europe, Africa and Asia. 

Using his firsthand knowledge as an addict, and combining that with his unparalleled experience in addiction treatment, EDAS is a very unique programme with a proven track record.

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David Stanton

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