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About The Founders

EDAS was first launched in 2007 by David Stanton, a senior psychotherapist known around the world for his work in substance abuse and addiction treatment. More recently, though, EDAS has become a collaboration between Relationship Living, TATVA and Creative Entourage, all of whom are known for providing the highest level of addiction treatment to clients globally. 


David Stanton


David is one of Europe's top clinicians in substance abuse and addiction treatment, with over 40 years of international experience. He is also an international Mental Health Consultant and Clinical Supervisor who has been responsible for setting up Mental Health projects in the UK, Europe, Africa and Asia.

David trains and supports other health care professionals, while also facilitating international awareness and educational retreats, workshops and seminars. He is also a senior psychotherapist focussing on healing trauma, often associated with addiction, plus any underlying co-occurring mental health disorders.


His speciality lays in helping clients to change their cognition, emotions and behaviours, while identifying and preventing any unhealthy or unhelpful actions, the kind that are too often detrimental to a positive and healthy life.


David has over 27 years of recovery from chronic addiction, and has worked
with numerous clients from all walks of life, countries and cultures.


Dawn White

BACP Registered, ISSUP Member, FDAP Member, COSRT (College of
Sexual and Relationship Therapists), Recovery and Strategy Coach.

Since 2001, Dawn has been supporting families, spouses, partners and friends concerned about someone they love or care about, especially if they are struggling with an addiction or dependency.


Dawn provides evidence based services alongside prestigious addiction treatment programmes. She helps identify and uncover dysfunctional patterns in relationships and family systems, including co-dependency and enabling behaviours. She is also an educator on addiction to family and friends, which enables positive reinforcement and support in encouraging the addict and their loved ones to maintain a healthy, long lasting recovery.

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Dylan Kerr

MA in Science in Psychology, B.S. in Clinical Counseling and Diplomas in Healthcare, Psychology of Addiction, Counselling, Art Therapy, Transactional Analysis, Addictions Medicine, and Addiction Studies.

Dylan is a clinical counsellor with over a decade of experience in counselling. He has worked all around the world as a specialist in his field; including with many well-known celebrities from the entertainment business. He's also been the 'on tour' recovery coach on frequent occasions for some highly successful individual music artists and bands. 

Using a Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) model of therapy, and the processes he learned during his Medical Education in Addiction studies at Harvard University, Dylan strives to shine a light on the obstacles that are in the way of a person’s well-being and then teaches them how to overcome those challenges. By doing this, he doesn't just help them achieve short-term recover, but helps his clients gain life-long skills.

EDAS has gained its reputation through being recommended to others by word of mouth rather than excessive advertising. This is to ensure privacy for our clientele; as well as all our EDAS recovery specialists.


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