EDAS refers and case manages clients who'd prefer residential rehab to our home based service.


We have a select list of rehabs globally that we work with; rehabs that have excellent proven evidence based holistic treatment programmes. And being collaborators, we are perfectly placed to secure excellent treatment and rates for all of our clients.


Personal case management of the client also ensures transparency and accountability from the chosen treatment center, allowing the client to get exactly what they pay for.


This is a personal 'hands on' service; where highly experienced EDAS management work with the client and treatment facility to get the best outcomes possible - from detox to treatment planning, intensive therapy to relapse prevention, aftercare planning to recovery coaching. We ensure you get everything you need.


We also chaperone clients from their homes to the treatment centre, ensuring safety and proper admittance services. Written progress reports about the client are provided to family and friends weekly. That is what makes EDAS a world leader in providing case management for clients - so let us take the strain while you get well again.



EDAS are also consultants to many Mental Health service providers around the world, specialising in the substance abuse and addiction treatment industry.


The founder of EDAS, and the core team, have over 40 years experience of establishing all types of projects, including projects involving local communities, outreach, private clinics, government in and out-patient facilities, and residential centers.


Thanks to this experience, we are able to establish projects in any country; from sourcing a premises, securing highly-qualified staff, developing policies and procedures, writing treatment programmes, providing clinical team and individual supervision, and generally overseeing the complete development of a service from it's conception to being fully functional.


And we have helped set up a number of highly successful projects all over the world.

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