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The cost of our services are on a par with - if not less expensive than - most celebrated residential treatment centres. 


The only difference is, with EDAS, you won’t just become another number in a group, receiving that ‘one programme fits all’ approach you usually get with a residential rehab setting. That approach doesn't always work.


The way we see it is this: you have a problem; so why not let EDAS take the strain, manage the stress, assess your circumstances firsthand and help get you well again.

With EDAS, your recovery is the only recovery, and the help we offer will be completely tailored to you. 


From detox to treatment planning, intensive therapy to relapse prevention, aftercare planning to recovery coaching, our EDAS specialists will be with you ever step of the way to ensure you get all the benefits of our revolutionary ‘home based’ treatment -- and they will be on hand within minutes should you ever need extra support or have a ‘slip’ while in early recovery.

 €250 a day 

(minimum of two weeks to ensure our programme has the best chance of working long-term)

To find out exactly what treatment services are included, please head to our 'services' and 'recovery' pages. But the bottom line is this: your addiction recovery needs to be about you -- and that is why we tailor every part of our treatment programme to you and your needs. 

From making sure your home is the best place to recover to identifying all the triggers in your life to providing you with new coping strategies that will empower you to lead a self-directed healthy lifestyle, we address everything individually to make your recovery last.

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