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Our Ethos

About Our Ethos

Discreet. Personal, Safe. Comfortable.

We realise that many of our clients prefer to have a more discreet and personal service, provided in either the security of their own home or a more private environment of their choosing; somewhere they are able to feel safer and more comfortable, while being able to receive our more tailored service as this will allow them to develop a closer therapeutic relationship with our team of EDAS professionals.


This ethos has always been a natural part of our home-based addiction treatments. Very early on in our collective experiences, we found that most residential rehabs were struggling to achieve long-lasting recoveries for their clients for three primary reasons: they weren't able to provide a discreet service, they couldn't match the comfort of a person's home and they created a false environment that couldn't be sustained. As such, when their clients eventually return home, they are also returning to the triggers that enabled their addiction in the first place.


That is why we designed and developed EDAS: to work with clients in their everyday environment and to help assess the areas of their lives that enabled their addiction, such as work, social and family relationships.


We also recognise how important both family and friends are in a person's recovery, and so our ‘home based’ treatment also allows us to educate the client’s loved ones and friends, helping everyone involved in their recovery to better understand addiction and become a vital part of their support network in our client’s long-term rehabilitation.

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