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Our Clients

Who We Work With

Our clients come from all walks of life because addiction can affect anyone.

The founding principles of EDAS are discretion, safety, comfort and peace of mind. As such, we both respect and protect the data of every EDAS client. However, we can acknowledge that, over the years, we have discreetly provided  our services to a diverse range of high profile clients, including Royalty, government officials, dignitaries, celebrities, VIP's, sports stars, entertainment personalities, CEOs and people in positions of high responsibility.


We have also worked with a lot of clients that do not live in the public eye but sought both the privacy and accessibility of our bespoke at-home addiction services. This can be the case for varying reasons, from work-related concerns to family commitments to disabilities. Whatever our clients' needs, we tailor our service to each and every person to ensure their long-term recovery is the priority.


The one thing all our clients have in common is a want to recover.


We are not interventionists. That is why we only work with those who want to recover.

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