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EDAS, which stands for Elite De-Addiction Services, is a 'home based' bespoke addiction treatment service which was started in 2007, that pays exceptionally high detail to all aspects of our client's recovery. Whilst 'old school thinking' was to send people away to a residential rehab, EDAS recognised that this didn't address the very environment the client would return to ie: their home and family; so all the old triggers were usually still there on their return, thus enabling relapse to often quickly occur. EDAS also identified that those near and dear to the client (ie: family, friends, colleagues etc.) were almost never given the support they needed, usually after years of being traumatised by the client's destructive behaviours whilst in active addiction. They were none the wiser about addiction, or how to support the addict. So EDAS set up a collaborative rehabilitation service made up of Relationship LivingTATVA and Creative Entourage; enabling us to provide the highest-quality home-based addiction treatment services to our clients and their loved ones, where ever they live in the world. 


This collaboration means that all EDAS clients not only benefit from decades of world-class expertise in addiction treatment, but also that their loved ones and the environment they're going to recover in is addressed; ensuring that the clients support network and home life is made safe and healthy for a long-lasting on-going recovery. Our methodology produces notably quicker positive results and healing for all. Ours is a truly unique and thorough treatment; that minimises the chances of relapse and rebuilds relationships, to flourish in a strong and healthy environment. 

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Our Collaborators


TATVA is an international Global mental health awareness and emotional wellness organisation; based in the UK and Asia. With experience of working with harm reduction and addiction treatment in many countries and cultures; it specialises in working with the co-occurring mental health disorders often underlying dependency. It has a beautiful tropical residential therapeutic retreat in India; where it mixes recovery with holidays, plus specific residencies for international artists of all genres. TATVA also provides on-line therapy, facilitates personal development retreats & awareness workshops worldwide.


Relationship Living provides a bespoke framework of support services, which are adaptive and tailored to provide support and relationship involvement for the whole Family. They do this by harnessing the natural recovery and personal eco system of the individual addict, their family, loved ones and the community; achieving recovery management, maintenance and sustainability. They see the person and NOT just the addiction; whilst utilising a strengths based approach to enable wellness, providing Neuro Education, Attachment Sensitive Therapy, Intimacy, Sex and Relationship Coaching.


Creators Entourage delivers on-site and immediate counselling to people involved within the Entertainment Industry. Having worked with some high profile clients in the public eye and media; they have a wealth of insider knowledge, giving very specific advice and tailored counselling skills around a unique set of stressors. This gives their clients the confidence and ability to perform in an environment that can be both exceptionally rewarding and highly challenging. Very few people have the experience and skills to work in this arena, providing high quality addiction treatment and recovery management.

EDAS has gained its reputation through being recommended to others by word of mouth rather than excessive advertising. This is to ensure privacy for our clientele; as well as all our EDAS recovery specialists.


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