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The Direct Addiction Treatment Service That Treats You In Your Own Home

Welcome to EDAS

Global and holistic home-based addiction treatment services

Welcome to EDAS (Elite De-Addiction Services), a collaboration between Relationship Living, TATVA and Creative Entourage that provides exceptionally high-quality, home-based and direct addiction treatment services to clients around the world. 


Based in the UK, we offer our bespoke addiction services globally using a treatment methodology and approach to rehabilitation that is tailored to each of our clients and their support systems, whether they are friends or family or both.  


Thanks to our holistic, home-based approach, we pride ourselves on being a discreet, confidential service provider able to supply a comprehensive evidence-based recovery package to clientele across a wide range of countries and cultures.

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Our Treatment Services

Through our global treatment services, we have been able to provide the highest level of holistic care and long-term recovery to people with a wide range of mental health issues and behavioural disorders, and it is our aim to continue providing this level of treatment. What's more, through our decades-long experience, we have access to a hugely specialised group of healthcare professionals that allow us to offer you, or your loved one, the right care and treatment for a variety of disorders, including:

  • Drugs

  • Alcohol

  • Gambling

  • Gaming

  • Work

  • Exercise

  • Shopping

  • Sex

  • Process

  • Codependency and more

Our private, in-home behavioural treatment services are elite and discreet, and available to clients worldwide, allowing them to choose a comfortable setting to begin their treatment. By doing this, we are able to offer both you and your support group the education required to make a long-lasting recovery possible, while ensuring total transparency throughout your journey to recovery.

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Friends & Family

EDAS has always recognised the crucial role played by family and friends and those nearest to those with an addiction or dependency problem - whether it be alcohol, drugs, gambling, work, exercise, shopping, sex, process, codependency or any other obsessive compulsive disorder - and that these people need just as much help and support as much as the addicted person.


That's why we appreciate the importance of creating a strong support network around the addicted person in order to enable a healthy recovery, and our service brings together experts in all areas of addiction treatment to ensure this. From de-tox to recovery coaching, and all the holistic treatments in between, EDAS is a truly comprehensive service like no other with a success rate that speaks for itself - all done in the comfort and familiarity of the home.

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Our 3 Step Recovery

The way we achieve long-term recovery is by focusing on three crucial areas:

family support, bespoke treatments and aftercare.

Family Support

All too often, those closest to the addict don't receive enough information, education, advice or support on how best to handle someone newly in recovery. As such, those in the addicts support network can be left feeling traumatised by the destructive behaviours of the addict, leading to dysfunction within the family and amongst friends whereby everyone involved can suffer. That is why we focus on educating all those involved to ensure the addicted person has the best chance of a long-lasting recovery.

Bespoke Treatments

Each EDAS approach, treatment and recovery plan is unique to the addict, their environment and the support network they have around them. We choose a treatment team based on all of these factors, and then house them no more than 15-minutes away so that they are on-call and on-hand 24/7. We also tailor their treatment to accommodate their daily schedules, allowing our clients to stay with their loved ones, and even keep working. By doing this, we encourage healthy relationships to be rebuilt, family dynamics to improve, and connection, love and care to be generated to the benefit of all concerned.


Due to the nature of primary treatment providers (rehabs), aftercare is often neglected and clients are usually just sent back to where they came from - often with their loved ones being none the wiser on how to help and support the addict or themselves. By offering a bespoke at-home treatment service, we are able to focus as much on the aftercare as the primary recovery, while educating the clients family and friends on the best ways to encourage lasting recovery. 

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Tried. Tested. Trusted.

From detox to recovery coaching, one-to-one treatments and family counselling services, and all the holistic treatments in between, we offer a truly comprehensive service like no other, all done in the comfort and familiarity of your home.

To help you understand this better, our one client at a time approach includes:

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At Home Treatment

EDAS treats all of its clients in their own homes and guarantees its treatment specialists will stay no further than 15 mins away from your house.

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Bespoke Treatment Plan

Each of our clients are provided with their own personal holistic treatment plan, therapist and treatment team - available in person 24/7.

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Our treatment services are available throughout the European Union and adhere to all Covid-19 policies and procedures, as determined by the relevant Governments and the WHO.

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Relapse Prevention

Our service includes bespoke recovery treatment, relapse prevention, recovery coaching and aftercare to ensure that your recovery has the best chance possible.

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Recovery Success

By offering our treatment at home, being able to assess your recovery environment and offering family support, our recovery success rate is exceptionally high.

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3 Times The Experience

Established by David Stanton, a British senior psychotherapist specialising in substance abuse and addiction treatment. David has been in recovery from addiction for over 25 years.

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EDAS has gained its reputation through being recommended to others by word of mouth rather than excessive advertising. This is to ensure privacy for our clientele; as well as all our EDAS recovery specialists.


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